Earn money online, By work from home

How to earn money online Earn money online.? So here is the solution to your question. Here are the best 5 ways that you can earn money online by work from home.

Don’t want to do the job.? don’t want to go anywhere else to earn the money.? Want to live with your family and earn.? Want to earn money in your decided time.?

What.! Is it possible.?

So the answer is “Yes”.

There are some ways that you can make money online and you can work with freedom. without a boss. Only you are the boss of yours.

Top & best 5 ways to make money online.

  1. Make your own website,
  2. Create a YouTube channel,
  3. Become a freelancer,
  4. Affiliate Marketing,
  5. Become a blogger.
1. Make your own website.

This is the first best way to make money online. you don’t need to go anywhere from your lovely home. You can work from home and can earn money from your website.

You just have to start your own website.! there are so many ways to make a website and it is mentioned below.

Therefore you can start your website on the mentioned website below.

  1. wordpress.org
  2.  wordpress.com.
  3.  wix.com
  4.  webnode.com
  5.  website.com

In the mentioned link you can make the website but my recommended best way to make a website is wordpress.org. it is for free and secure.

Now you just have to invest in Domain purchase and Buying the hosting. but it cost not much. you can start with little investment.

For more information for making a website Click Here

2. Create a YouTube channel.

This is one of the best ways to make money online by making videos and broadcast on your own your youtube channel.

You just have to on youtube and have to make a channel of yours, it is all for free. But you just have to be careful about some things like copy write, original content.

You can make money by advertising,  sponsorship, and affiliate links etc.

For more information for the making of YouTube channel Click Here

3. Become a freelancer.

There are many websites found that will give you the opportunity to earn money by work from home. you just have some skills like video editing, graphic designing, logo designing etc.

So here is some best website that I recommend for you to become a freelancer.

  1. Upwork.com
  2. Fiverr.com
  3. freelancer.com
  4. peapleparhour.com
  5. Guru.com

You can create your profile and apply for work on these websites.

For more information for creating your profile on these websites Click Here

4. Affiliate marketing.

This is the best way to make money without any investment.

Yes, in 0 investment you can start the affiliate marketing and earn money.

So just register your self into the website as an affiliate member and they will give you the affiliate link. you can start earning by start affiliate marketing from the mentioned website below.

  1. Amazon.in
  2. Flipkart.com
  3. Shopclues.com
  4. VCommission.com
  5. Makemytrip.com

More information on how to be an affiliate marketer Click Here

5. Become a blogger

This is also the best way to make money online for just free. you just have to create your free site on blogger.com and just have to write the blogs.

So just make an account, choose a theme and gets started.

Also, you have to do some additional work like SEO of your blogs and you have to write SEO friendly articles. So you blogs can rank in the google search.

For more information to becoming a blogger Click Here

How to earn money online
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How to earn money online
how to earn money online.? So here is the solution to your question. Here are the best 5 ways that you can earn money online by work from home.
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